"Think of yourself as a gift & put a bow on it." ~ Gracie Klutz: Owner & Designer of Klutz Enterprises.
Get ready to fall for this Klutz! As owner and designer, I am proud to provide handmade Pin Ups by Gracie, Fancy Fanny Packs, Bowties, Little Buddies (my unique, quick release clasp bow ties for little folks) and Fun-chies, my take on scrunchies!


  For the last 10 years I have been driven to create, I just didn't know what. That changed in 2013. I was pulled into the vintage world and I had no idea what to do with my hair. So, I made it up: I sewed myself a head-band-ana. People liked it. They loved it. And now, I make/sell/wear them all over Ontario and the internet. I've finally figured out who, what, where and why people want what they want. It boils down to this - if you make something you like and need, someone else will like and need it, too.
Since 2013, I have been making double-sided and reversible, PinUps by Gracie. This simple accessory helps maintain Pin Up glamour on the run. I know that sometimes even simple tasks can spiral into a day of chaos. It is my belief that when this happens, we can still look great. If you don't believe me, check out the hashtags #PinUpsbyGracie and see just how many people love my bows! They're perfect for second day dirty, after practice helmet head, stepping out to walk the dog, after getting caught in the rain or for a fancy night out. The best thing about these little babies is that they are versatile, and vintage inspiration never goes out of style.

Who I Am

 I'm a puppy enthusiast who is easily distracted by I SPY books and magic tricks. I'm a natural blonde. I love schmancy donuts, pickles, pretzels and sunny days spent with my dog, The Boopa-Bebe: Betty. I smile, a lot. I read thriller,  mystery and slice of life books, and keep trying to write my own youth mystery fiction. My inspirations include Lucille Ball, Doris Day, Steve Martin and my Mother. I love people, playing dress-up and boosting confidence.

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Photo credit: Adriana DelMundo