What do you wanna know?

"Will it fit my huge head?"

Every PinUp by Gracie is nearly 3 ft. long, so yeah, it's probably gonna fit you:)

"Do they slide off?"

If you implement my Signature Stacking Technique (taught in the Classic video) these PinUps will stay in place all dang day.

"What is the PinUp of the Month Club?"

A super surprise PinUps by Gracie every month. Fill out our customized questionnaire & receive a curated pick just for you:) Available in 3 month, 6 month and 8 month subscriptions. Limited memberships available. Email to apply.

Now, here are just a few of the way to tie PinUps by Gracie

This versatile headband has many ways to wear it.

The Classic

The Reverse


The Twist


Care Instructions

PinUps by Gracie

-Wash cold water. It's recommended they're put in a laundry bag as it's a long piece of fabric that can get tangled in the washer. Then hang to dry. If the bow needs flattening - place it between the pages of a heavy book or if you're feeling particularly domesticated, it can be ironed.

Fun-chie Scrunchies

If they get twisted- pull seam to outer edge to readjust. Can be washed in the washer in a laundry bag, though typically spot treatment is recommended.